Monday, 3 June 2013

MAC lipstick - So Chaud

Another day another MAC lipstick. After another trip to visit my boyfriend in Cardiff I was very excited to go make up shopping. I'd had my eye on the 'All About Orange' collection from MAC and after closer inspection I decided to treat myself to this lipstick 'So Chaud'. Its a matte orangey red shade and I love the colour. I think it works great with my skin tone but also think its the kind of colour that would work with any skin tone. I used the lipliner 'Lasting Sensation', also by MAC before I applied the lipstick. This liner is a very similar colour so works well. With the lipliner I find the lipstick can last hours which is great!
The only problem I have with the matte lipsticks from MAC is that I find they dry my lips out abit and I have heard friends say the same. I'm currently trying to find a good primer to stop this from happening.
What's your opinion of this shade? Let me know

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  1. I love this lipstick, I recently picked it up and have just reviewed it, check out my blog? :) I'm a new follower.